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We buy a wide range of card game, video game and related merchanidise at Skyward Fire Games, we can value collections brought to us and give you both a trade credit and cash valuation of what we can offer you in exchange for your items.

Either bring in or mail your items* to our store with your contact details and we will contact you with what we can offer, generally we will identify specific items of value and offer you approximately 70% of the item's value in trade credit or 50% in cash - items below a certain value we will offer a "bulk rate", which is a rate detailed below and a handy way of turning commons, uncommons, energies, lands, etc into trade credit/cash.

*Sender will be responsible for postage costs and return postage costs if an offer is rejected.
Typical Low Value Item Rates
Magic the Gathering Commons, Uncommons
1p trade credit / 0.5p cash
Magic the Gathering Rares, Mythics
5p trade credit / 2.5p cash
Magic the Gathering Foils
1p trade credit / 0.5p cash

Pokemon Energy
0.25p credit / 0.125p cash
Pokemon Commons, Uncommons, Rares
1p credit / 0.5p cash
Pokemon Holos, Reverse Holos
2p credit / 1p cash
Pokemon "Bulk" GX, EX, V
25p credit / 10p cash

Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards
0.25p credit / 0.125p cash
Flesh and Blood Cards
0.25p credit / 0.125p cash
Digimon Cards
0.25p credit / 0.125p cash
Dragon Ball Super Cards
0.25p credit / 0.125p cash
Transformers Cards
0.25p credit / 0.125p cash
All Other Cards
0.125p credit / 0.065p cash
Common Bundle examples
1000 Cards at 1p
1000 Cards at 0.5p
Individually valued items
Items above low value are individually valued at a rate of 70% trade credit or 50% cash, generally these are items over a threshold of approximately £2 to £3 pounds depending on the size.
Accessories and containers
While most accessories (deck boxes, sleeves, dice, etc) and containers (cardboard boxes, plastic containers, paper/plastic/heavy duty bags) will not add additional value to your trade in - we can return them either in person or via mail (at your expense) on a successful transaction - be sure to let us know when handing over the bundle if you'd like to keep any accessories or containers out of the bundle/valuation.
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